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Ferries to the Aegadian Islands: the best offers on Ok-Ferry!

The Aegadian Islands form an archipelago which constitutes not only of three among the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea, but also of many islets and rocks. They all are embraced by the biggest protected marine area in Europe. The islands of Favignana, Marettimo e Levanzo, a handful of kilometres off Trapani, offer to snorkelling lovers breathtaking scenarios, typical of this portion of sea.

A great deal of ferries and hydrofoils is running to the Aegadian Islands all year long, departing from the harbour of Trapani. Hydrofoils, the best solution for those who prefer to reach the islands in the fastest and easiest way possible, depart also from Marsala. The three islands of the archipelago are connected by ferries and hydrofoils as well. The Ferry Companies involved are actually 2.

Ferries to the Aegadian Islands: sailing and on board facilities

The Ferry Companies schedule numerous departures throughout the day, in order to make one-day trips on every island possible. A continuous and constant transport service between the harbours is then guaranteed. The duration of the sailing may change upon the route and the vessel sailing, which can be either a ferry or a hydrofoil.

The ferries to the Aegadian Islands carry passengers and vehicles. All travellers can just book deck accommodation, which is to say not having a specific seat reserved on board, but anyway provides free access to the public areas of the ferry, just like the air seats salon and the cafeteria.

Hydrofoils, less than the typical ferries, are timely and reliable, but they cannot carry vehicles. Anyway, they make the sailing much more fast, and also comfortable thanks to the on board facilities: air conditioning, recliners, a small snack-bar.





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