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The Aegadian Islands are located in the Mediterranean Sea off the northwest coast of Sicily, near the city of Trapani. The archipelago is formed by a group of 5 small mountainous islands, many islets and underwater rocks that offer breathtaking scenarios to snorkeling lovers.

The Aegadian Island are easily reachable all year long by hydrofoils departing from Trapani and Marsala. The connection between the islands is runned by one ferry company.

Ferries to Aegadian Islands Connections and travel options

Hydrofoils are constantly running throughout the day making it possible to visitors to enjoy a one-day trip in each island. The duration of the sailing might change depending on the route.

It is possible to bring your own vehicle on to the islands by booking a ferry. Traveler can book deck accommodation, which allows passengers to access to all the common areas on the ferry as air seat salon and the cafeteria.

Hydrofoils are timely and reliable but do not carry vehicles, which can be parked in one of the many secure parking in Trapani or Marsala.

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