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Croatia is recently become one the biggest destination for seaside tourism in the Mediterranean Sea. Not only thousands of marvellous isles scattered along the coast have increased the renown of Croatia, but also the fascinating landscapes of the hinterland and the closeness to Medjugorje. To sum up, those travellers who have chosen this country as their holiday destination will be rewarded by the natural beauty of the land and also the crystal clear water of the sea.

Geographically speaking, Croatia is very near Italy; in fact, ferries are leaving from 3 main harbours on the Adriatic coast: Ancona, Bari and Pescara. Ferries run everyday, performing many sailings, and they land in the major ports in Croatia, from the which it is very easy and fast to reach the most famous tourist destinations. During summer, also sailings to Istria and the main islands are scheduled, and they are performed by both hydrofoils and ferries. In total, 5 Ferry Companies manage the sailings between Italy and Croatia.

Ferries to Croatia: information about the sailing

Tourists may travel to Croatia during the day, as well as overnight. At daytime, passengers would benefit of the services and all the comforts on board, until the landing. The time of the sailing last around 7 hours, depending on the route. The time of an overnight sailing is a little longer, but it is far more appreciated by passengers since the ferry lands in the morning, in a time more convenient to the holiday plans.

Hydrofoils to Croatia, faster and smaller than ferries, but equally practical in terms of schedule of the crossings, run between Venice and the harbours in the northern Croatia. The time of the sailing last about 3 hours and a half, and they are performed only during daytime. Hydrofoils cannot carry vehicles.

Unlike hydrofoils, all ferries to Croatia carry passengers just as vehicles. They also provide every kind of accommodation, suitable to any need. The best solution for those who look for a comfortable trip in total privacy, is undoubtedly cabin accommodation. On the other hand, cheaper solutions just as deck or air seat accommodation do anyway grant the access to the public areas of the ferry just like to the on-board services (snack bar, restaurant, tv room, playing area, on board shop). Passengers may have walks around the vessel, to enjoy the warmth of the sun or the smell of the sea, sitting at the snack-bar, on the benches, or even lying on lawn chairs available on the weather deck.



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