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Ferries to Balearics: find the best ferry company on Ok-Ferry!


Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Maiorca, Minorca, Formentera) are ones among the most popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea. They represent the perfect combination between relax and entertainment: in fact, during daytime, it is possible to admire the landscape, a piece of paradise, whereas, after twilight, crazy nights and social events take over.


Unfortunately, there are no direct ferry connections between Italy and the Balearic Islands: ferries to Balearics leave solely from Spain (Barcellona, Valencia and Denia). 3 Ferry Companies manage the sailings, not only from the mainland to the islands, but also among the islands themselves. During summer, many more runs among the islands are usually scheduled.


Ferries to Balearics: sailing and travel options


The ferry companies provide numerous runs, granting a continuous flow of tourists onto the islands, all day long. Those who prefer to travel overnight, can chose the departure time which applies best to their travel plan, since the sailing may last from a minimum of 6 hours and a half and 9 hours and a half (depending on the route selected and also the type of ferry that the company employs for the sailing).


Ferries to Balearic Islands carry passengers and vehicles. Passengers may enjoy the time on board by benefit the entertainment services, just like tv room, playing room for the children, on-board shop, food service. Those who search for relax may reserve an internal, or an external cabin, which are equally modern and cozy. Deck accommodation is the perfect solution for those passengers travelling among the islands of the archipelago.



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