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Ferries to Morocco: choose the best company on Ok-Ferry!

Morocco, the westernmost country in Northern Africa, is a land famous for its natural beauty. The seaside and the landscape will be the protagonists of an unforgettable experience. The sand dunes of the wide inner desert are the perfect scenario for those who seek for unconventional hiking.

The 5 Ferry Companies sailing all year long, give the chance to people who want to reach the Maghreb country by sea, to embark also with vehicles. Ferries to Morocco leave from the Italian harbours on the Ligurian coast, and also from France and Spain.

Ferries to Morocco: travel options and on board accommodation

The ferry companies schedule the departures in the evening, so that the landing is expected to be at a convenient time to meet any need. The sailing may last 48 hours, which may seem very long, but the time on board it is actually enjoyable, thanks to the entertainment facilities, just like the movie theater, video-game room, playing area for the children.

Ferries to Morocco carry passengers and vehicles. The on board facilities meet anyone's needs: it is in fact possible to choose among many food services, and also the accommodation which suits the most the personal necessity of the passengers. Internal or external cabins may be booked, which anyway provide private toilet. Those searching for a cheaper accommodation may prefer to reserve a comfortable air seat. The warmth of the sun will make the lying on the lawn chairs, on the weather deck, pleasant.



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