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Ferries to the Isle of Elba: all the companies available on Ok-Ferry!


The isle of Elba is the third island of the Mediterranean Sea, and it is the perfect vacation for any kind of traveller, since it offers many attractions: beautiful shores, crystal clear water and the possibility to try any sporting activity.


Just in front of the harbour of Piombino, it is really easy and fast to reach by ferry. The 4 ferry companies which connect the island to the mainland run every day, and plan numerous runs. The schedule of the crossings to the Isle of Elba covers the whole day: in fact, more than 100 runs a day (from 5,00am to 11,00pm) are available. During summer, passengers may reach the Isle of Elba even from Corsica.


Ferries to the Isle of Elba: sailing and travel options


The length of the route forces the shipping companies to employ small ferries, which do not provide cabin accommodation. Passengers can book the deck accommodation, which is to say not having reserved a specific seat on board, but the possibility to sit anywhere in the economy lounge of the ferry: air seats, salon or around coffee tables. Passengers may walk both on the deck as well as around the vessel. Every 30 minutes a ferry runs, and it needs about 1 hour to reach the Isle of Elba. In case the passengers have chosen to travel by hydrofoil (which cannot carry vehicles) or by a fast ferry, he or she will get to the island in just 30 minutes!


Ferries carry both passengers and vehicles, and offer free access to the public areas and on-board services, just like bar-cafeteria, tv room and playing areas for the children. Moreover, all passengers can enjoy the landscape, sat on the benches available on the weather deck.



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