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Before you leave: General Questions

Of course. Please remember that group fares are available for reservations including at least 10 adult passengers. In order to get a quotation, please write to or fill in the reservation form on our homepage “Groups and Buses”.
Generally, children in Italy can travel by themselves from the age of 14, so far as they have a valid travel document and a letter of permission from his/her parents, authorising the journey and not holding the ferry company responsible of any event that may occur on the ferry trip. As to international crossings, instead, children must always travel together with, at least, one adult passenger.
Anyway, since the terms and conditions of the ferry companies may change from one to another, and even vary upon the destination, please check them before starting the journey.
Each ferry company may adopt a different protocol on pregnancy and ferry trips: this is the reason why we kindly advise you to look at the conditions of the ferry company involved in your journey before confirming the trip. Generally, it is possible to travel until the 7th month of pregnancy, after that time a medical certificate is required. Please remember that not every ship provides a ship’s doctor.
The major part of ferries has been adapted to the needs of reduced mobility/disabled passengers. Basic services, just like parking the car nearby the lift, or using a wheelchair on the ship, are usually always available. Please note that for parking the car near the lift, you should check-in much earlier than the latest check-in times.
Whether you needed a cabin providing disabled access, please write to or contact us at +39 (0)565 912 191.
Prices usually rise as space becomes less available: crossings in public holidays and during high season are in such high demand that fill up early, and so the cheapest fares will be available only by booking far in advance. Visit our website you will always find out the best available offer!
Ferry fares are demand-driven, that is to say prices are not fixed but may change upon availability and they are valid just at the time of the quote. This is why we always suggest our customers to book in advance their ferry trips. Visit our website to be updated in real time about fares and prices!
This is very risky, since you might find no more room available on board. Anyway, this is not the cheapest way to travel at all! Best fares are available only by booking in advance: take a look online at, or contact us at +39 (0)565 912 191, or simply write an email to and we’ll do the rest.
Of course! Actually, we recommend to take out the insurance, since it provides you protection from unforeseeable events. You can take it out when filling in the booking form, or within the 24 hours after having submitted the reservation request. The insurance conditions are immediately available before submitting the booking request, once you selected it.
To amend/cancel your ferry reservation, you can simply fill in the form that you can find in your private area, also available in the “Modifications and Cancellations” menu on our website, or even write an email to
As to amendment fees, these depend on several factors (type of ticket, ferry company’s terms and conditions etc.): once you have submitted the amendment form, our operators will return you a quotation as soon as possible. Likewise, once you have requested the cancellation of your ferry tickets, our operators will promptly inform you whether a reimbursement in your favour is foreseen by the ferry company.
Each ferry company has drawn up its terms and conditions of transport, that you can find in the “General Information” page on our website. You can also read them before submitting the booking request, and you will receive them, once the ferry trip is confirmed, together with the boarding pass.
Usually vehicles are not prohibited from landing on islands. However, there are a few destinations (minor isles) upon which, at certain times of the year (peak season), they do are. Travellers should inform themselves in advance about these restrictions and extra fees to pay, if any, just like landing fees or tourist tax.
Legislation provides for each traveller (including children) to bring, even on ferries, a valid travel document, that is to say passport or Id. For international sailings, a travel document in force for crossing the border is required.
Information should always be sought about the travel documents required to reach the chosen destination.

The reservation: Vehicles – Accommodation – On board services

Generally, the booking system of the companies does not allow this type of multiple reservation, and, consequently, you cannot select more than one vehicle per booking on our website as well. Anyway, try to contact us at +39 (0)565 912 191 or write an email to, we’ll do our best to help you.
This accommodation option is available just on a few ferries, on limited routes, and space on board is very restricted. As to Sardinia, the ferry company which allows this kind of reservation is Moby (Piombino-Olbia), as to Sicily, TTTLines (Naples-Catania), as to Greece, Anek or Superfast Ferries (every route landing in either Igoumenitsa or Patras). Visit our website for quotations, or contact us at +39 (0)565 912 191 or by email, writing to
Since our company represents just a booking centre for ferries, we cannot, unfortunately, obtain any object that was lost on ships during the journey. This is why it is necessary to contact directly the ferry company involved, and arrange the recovery of the personal objects.
Every company has provided its ferries of services and facilities, so that passengers will enjoy a pleasant sailing. Visit our “Companies” page: you will display the services provided by the ferry company you booked.
It is necessary to select the on board accommodation just in case of long or overnight crossings. Customers may choose among three options: cabin, pullman seat or deck accommodation (which is to say, the possibility of sitting in the public areas of the ship, wherever a seat is available). Anyway, the system automatically notifies users when it is mandatory to select an accommodation.
Unfortunately it is impossible to make this kind of reservation online, since the embarkation of vehicles is allowed just in presence of a driver.
Absolutely not. By booking a ferry trip on our website, the under-occupation of a cabin (twin, triple or quadruple) automatically implies the sole use of the cabin. On the contrary, if you want to reserve a single berth in a shared cabin, please contact us at +39 (0)565 912 191 or write an email to, and we will promptly inform you whether the company allows this kind of reservation.
Yes, it is possible to book a ferry trip even for rental vehicles: simply select brand and model, then write “RENT” as licence plate. Although a few companies require customers to pay an extra fee for updating this info in their system, in most cases this modification is free of charge.
It is really important to signal the correct dimension of your vehicle when booking a ferry, including the extra length/heigh produced by any accessory (bicycles, trailer hitch, roof box/rack etc.), to avoid any kind of problem at check-in. Entering wrong vehicle dimensions might cause extra charges, or, worse, the impossibility to embark for unavailability of space.
Once you have selected brand/model of your car, our system automatically displays the canonic dimension: you will simply have to manually modify them.
It is generally possible to book ferry tickets even for commercial vehicles (vans). Our booking system notifies users about any restriction from the company (maximal length, type of merchandise, etc.) during the reservation procedure, so that filling in the booking form will be clearer and easier. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us by phone +39 (0)565 912 191 or by email at
Not every ferry company allows in its system to signal the fuelling of vehicles. Anyway, as a general rule, it is required to show up at the ferry terminal in advance, to tell the staff the fuelling of the vehicle, so that your car will be parked where the security regulation foresees. Please remember that the LPG tanks should be empty, or almost empty.
Almost every company allows the transport of pets on ferries: dedicated areas are in fact placed on the deck and the weather deck, just like, for example, the on board kennel. Please remember to signal if you are travelling with pets in the booking form, and to take their vaccination records on the journey. We remind you that for international crossings, PetPass is usually required.

Useful Information: at the Port – Check-in – Delays

The address of the harbour you are leaving from is included in the booking summary you received by email, once you have submitted the reservation request. No worries if you couldn’t print it out: we will send you a memorandum by sms some days before the departure, listing also the address of the port. As to directions to the pier for the embarkation, just ask the staff of the company, or at the ticket office in the harbour, on the very day of departure.
Usually, customers have the possibility to leave their cars in parking areas (free or secure car park) located nearby the ferry terminal. To find out more, visit the information page of the harbour you are leaving from on our website, that you can also find in your “Personal Area”.
This information is always provided in the company’s terms and conditions, that you can read before submitting your booking request, but also in the order confirmation that you will receive by email in a few minutes.
If you require assistance for embarking (RMP passengers, disabled people, LPG vehicle, motorhome etc.), we recommend you to show up as far in advance as possible of the latest check-in time.
Contact us as soon as possible! If you are likely to miss the ferry, or running late and cannot arrive in time at the harbour for embarking, the company may require you to buy a new ticket. We can suggest you the best solution for amending your reservation: write us to or call us at +39 (0)565 912 191. Please remember to communicate your ticket number.
Unfortunately not. Ferry tickets are strictly bound to the booked departure time, except for open tickets (e.g. the routes Villa S. Giovanni – Messina and vv.). So, in case you would need to postpone the departure time, write us to or call us at +39 (0)565 912 191: by communicating us your ticket number, we will be able to give you all the information you need to amend your reservation.
This travel option is allowed only by Moby and Toremar for the crossing to and fro the isle of Elba. So, except for this case, ferry tickets are strictly bound to the time you have booked: the boarding pass cannot be transferred to other departure times. However, you can ask at the ticket office or the staff of the company, to check alternative solutions.
Please write an email as soon as possible to, and specify ticket number and the crossing you ask the refund for. We will promptly initiate the refund procedure, so that you will be reimbursed in the short term by the ferry company.


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Do not hesitate to contact us! Our staff is at your disposal every day: you can reach us by phone +39 (0)565 912 191, or write us at