Mediterranean ferry's booking center


  • How can I know ferry companies terms and conditions?
    Each ferry company has its own travel terms and conditions that you can see in the “information” page on our web site. The ferry company conditions are accessible and downloadable during the booking process but before the purchase of the tickets, and they will be sent with the travel documents at the end of the procedure.

  • Is it possible to receive an invoice of the purchased ticket?
    Yes, it is but you have to ask for it during the booking process.

  • How can I retrieve my personal belongings if I lose them on the ship?
    Is necessary contacting directly the ferry company and arrange the recovery of the things left on board.

  • Can you provide the indication about the embarkation port?
    In the booking summary there are all the necessary indications to reach the port. We invite you to print these information and bring them with you during the journey.

  • Which are the available services on board?
    Each ferry company equipped its fleet with services and equipment that is well described in the section named “ferry companies".

  • How much time in advance is necessary to be at the port for the check-in the departure day?
    The check-in time limit is always specified in the general travel conditions issued from each ferry company part. To avoid a denied boarding the passenger must respect such term. Generally for national routes passengers must check in at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the departure time with vehicle (2 hours if they travel with a camper or caravan) and 30 minutes before for foot passengers only. Anyway we kindly invite all the passengers to take a look of such terms in the specific conditions of the ferry company involved in the booking.

  • If I miss my booked departure, can I use the ticket for the next connection?
    The ticket is valid only for the booked departure time, in case of missed boarding the ticket will be nullify. The eventual use of the nullified ticket on the next available departure, is depending on the boarding staff discretion and also on the ticket offices' decisions.

  • What should I do if for unexpected reason, I will not be able to reach the port on time?
    Please contact us immediately and we will let you know if is possible to modify your booking; if you cannot get in contact with us, e.g if your depart is during non working times, we suggest you to contact directly the port ticket office, that you can find in the travel conditions attached to the ticket itself, in this way you can check if the ferry company can propose an alternative solution.

  • Can I travel with my pet?
    Now the main part of the ferry companies allows the transportation of pets in specific accommodation as cabin with pets allowed and kennels. Is mandatory to signal the presence of the pet, during the booking process and provide the updated sanitary documents for boarding.

  • Can I ensure my tickets?
    Surely, indeed it is recommended because in this way you are protected in case of unforeseen events. You can purchase the insurance during the booking process or add it within the 24 hours after the ticket confirmation.

  • Are there any limitations about the vehicles' disembarkation on Islands?
    Yes, there are rarely on smaller islands and only during certain periods of the year. Each traveler is asked to be informed in advance, regarding these limitations and eventual costs that have to be paid as disembarkation and tourist taxes . For further information, please click here.

  • I have got a LPG car, do I have to convey it during the booking procedure?
    In order to book with some ferry companies is mandatory to convey it, for this reason during the booking process you will be asked to fill in the appropriate box. For the ferry companies that do not require this information during the booking process, you will not find any indications on the ticket itself, but is however requested to communicate it to the boarding staff at the day of departure and to go with the fuel tank (LPG or methane) completely closed.

  • How can I modify or cancel my ticket?
    Please follow the instructions that you can find in the section “Changes and Cancellations”.

  • Which is the identity document required to travel with the ferry?
    Each traveler is responsible about its own personal document and is required to be informed from the competent bodies such as Police.

  • Is it possible to bring just a vehicle without driver on board?
    No it is not, the embarkation is allowed only to drivers with vehicles.

  • I have got a rental car and I do not know nor the model nor the number plate, can I however proceed with the booking?
    Some ferry companies allow to book only writing “rent” instead of the brand and model: others accept the reservation but the require to get the communication of the vehicle's information (brand, model and number plate) on the date of departure directly at the port ticket office.

  • If I can not travel with the same vehicle for the return journey, do I have to make 2 different bookings?
    No, it is not necessary. In fact, thanks to a logical way to insert, our system allows to fill in different vehicles for the outward and return journey in the same reservation.

  • I do not find my vehicle among the typologies mentioned in the car models, how can I proceed?
    You just easily have to select the heading “other brand” among the car brands' options, than you should fill in the vehicle's height and length that you can find on the vehicle registration certificate.

  • What does it mean “ the route is unavailable”?
    It means that the ferry company that performs this route, still did not opened the sales for the selected period, or it means that the chosen route is not performed in the selected dates, but in this case our booking system proposes you immediately an alternative solution.

  • My vehicle is a truck/commercial vehicle, do I have to declare it?
    Absolutely yes, you have to. It is mandatory that the traveler checks the vehicle's registration and communicates during the booking process, because these kinds of vehicles are not subject to discounts or promotional offers, but they have the use of special rates. For further details, please click here.

  • I would like to bring with me some bicycles, how can I add them on my booking?
    Every kind of accessory such as box, bicycles and any other objects on the roof or on the back of the vehicle, has to be considered as an integral part of the total dimensions of the car to be filled in the booking itself. For this reason is unnecessary to convey which is the accessory you will bring on board but is mandatory to declare the overall volume of the vehicle, including the accessory.

  • No answer satisfied my question, what shall I do?
    You can contact our call center on 0039 565 912191 in office hours.