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Ponza is the main island of the pontine archipelago. Just in front of the coast of Lazio, Ponza prides itself on a very rich landscape and biological diversity, just as its virgin wilderness, underwater caves and its culinary tradition.


Ferries leave from the Gulf of Gaeta, just opposite the isle of Ponza. Listing also the hydrofoil sailings, during summer, Ponza is connected to the mainland by numerous sailings. The 4 Ferry Companies involved, also run between Ponza and the isles of Ventotene and Ischia.


Ferries to Ischia: sailing and travel time


Ferries to Ponza leave from Formia and Terracina, and they take around 2 hours and a half to get to the isle. Dislike ferries, which can carry not only passengers but also vehicles, hydrofoils are smaller and faster. They can convey passengers to the same destination in just 1 hour and 20 minutes. During summer, the ferry companies considerably intensify the sailings, also proposing minor routes. These are really appreciated, especially by those travellers who intend to spend a one-day trip on the island. From Formia leave also ferries to Ventotene.


In either case to have booked a ferry, and in the case of a hydrofoil, passengers can travel in deck accommodation, which is to say to have booked the ride on the ferry, and have free access to on-board services and salons or air seat salons, and also to the weather deck.



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