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Greece is the southernmost country in Europe, and it is widely known for its particular geographic structure. It is in fact mainly composed by isles, islets and rocks: they represent about one fifth of the national territory, and just 167 of them are inhabited. It is a magical land which combines the pleasant holiday by the seaside with the cultural trip in astonishing archaeological sites and fascinating ancient cities.


Quite near to the Pugliese coast, thanks to its geographical position it is very easy to reach Greece by ferry. 5 Ferry Companies manage the daily sailings between the major Italian ports and the biggest tourist as well as commercial Greek harbours, located in western Greece, but also to the islands in the Ionian Sea. Ferries to Greece land in Patras, Igoumenitsa, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Paxos and Ithaca.


Ferries to Greece: sailing and travel options


Each company runs in the afternoon, but also overnight, offering its clients the possibility to land in the most convenient and suitable time for their travel plan. The crossing may last 10 up to a maximum of 18 hours and a half of sailing, depending on the route, and passengers may enjoy the sailing by benefiting of all the on-board services.


Ferries to Greece carry passengers and vehicles, and offer many types of accommodation. Cabins, usually preferred by those who travel overnight, usually provide two or four berths. Depending on how many passengers are included in the reservation, it is possible to book a cabin for just one or three passengers (which is to say private use, even if the number of berths exceeds the number of occupants). Also air seats, which is a cheaper solution, similar to deck accommodation, provide a pleasant time on board. Whichever of the above-mentioned travel options include free access to the public areas of the ferry, on the inside as well as on the weather deck. The restaurant service proposes a rich assortment, to fulfil anyone's taste.



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