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Ferries to the Pelagian Islands the best offers on Pelagie Islands!

The Pelagian Islands, between Sicily and Tunisia, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, represent the very last piece of Italian land before the African coasts. The three islands which the archipelago constitutes of are Lampedusa, widely known for the incomparable beauty of its shores and the colourful sea, Linosa, whose dark ground is framed by the intense green of the vegetation and the blue of the sea, and Lampione, the smallest one, which is also uninhabited. The three islands are embraced by the marine protected area.

The ferries to the Pelagian Islands sail from Porto Empedocle, on the southern coast of Sicily, towards the two main islands. The transport service is operated throughout the year by at least one sailing a day; during summer, hydrofoils are running too, so many more sailings become then available. The sailings between the two islands are performed by both ferries and hydrofoils. The Ferry Companies managing the connections are actually 2.

Ferries to the Pelagian Islands: information about the sailing

Hydrofoils, less than the typical ferries, are timely and reliable, but they cannot carry vehicles. Anyway, they make the sailing much faster, and also comfortable thanks to the on board facilities: air conditioning, recliners, a small snack-bar.


Ferries to the Pelagian Islands information about the sailing

Those preferring to travel by ferry to the Pelagian Islands, will have to choose a departure at night, and spend from a minimum of 7 hours and 30 minutes up to 10 hours on board, depending on the route.

Ferries to the Pelagian Islands carry passengers but also vehicles, and provide many accommodation and on board facilities. Cabins are undoubtedly the accommodation which ensure the most the privacy of the passengers. Air seats, cheaper than cabins, also provide a relaxing rest.

Hydrofoils to the Pelagian Islands, faster but smaller than ferries, cannot carry vehicles and always sail at daytime.

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