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Ferries to Sardinia: all companies available on Ok-Ferry!


Sardinia is located in the middle of the western Mediterranean Sea, and it is one among the biggest tourist destination in Europe. Widely known for its natural beauty, white sand and crystal clear water, the island satisfies every type of holiday: relax at the seaside, cultural trip, glamour destination, wine-and-gastronomy tourism, sporting activities...


Thanks to its central position, Sardinia is easy to reach by sea: ferries leave from many port cities in Tuscany, as well as from Corsica, Spain, and Sicily. The Ferry Companies which link Sardinia to the mainland are actually 7.

Ferries to Sardinia: sailing and travel options


Each company runs during daytime, but also overnight. Clients travelling at daytime will have the chance to admire the landscape and the sea. They will also enjoy a faster crossing: in fact, it could last from 5 up to 6 hours and a half, depending on the route and the ferry itself. Many other smaller islands are connected to Sardinia by ferry, but it is possible to get to them just during daytime.


Travelling overnight offers the possibility not to lose any day of the holiday for the trip, since the ferry leaves in the evening and lands in the morning. The crossing may last 7 up to a maximum of 12 hours of sailing, depending on the route and the type of ferry that the company employs for the crossing.


Both in the case of a daytime crossing, and in the case of an overnight sail, ferries carry passengers and vehicles, and offer many types of accommodation and plenty of on-board services. Passengers may travel in cabins, in complete privacy, or choose a cheaper solution, as air seats (recliners or standard), or deck accommodation, which is to say not to have any reserved seat on board. The ferries which connect smaller islands to Sardinia only provide deck accommodation. Whichever of the above-mentioned accommodation include free access to the public areas of the ferry just like to the on-board services (snack bar, restaurant, tv room, playing area, weather deck).





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