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Ferries to Capri: ferries and hydrofoils available on Ok-Ferry!


Despite its small size (just 10 square km), Capri is currently visited by million of tourists every year. Located in front of the Sorrentine Peninsula, it is generally considered the pearl of the Gulf of Naples for its natural beauty. Also called “the isle of romance”, it is widely known for its quaint views, spectacular sunsets and its never-ending charm.


The best way to get to Capri is a boat, since the isle is very near the campanian coast: hydrofoils and ferries connect the island to various harbours in the Gulf of Naples, in the Amalfi Coast and, last but not least, on the Isle of Ischia. The Ferry Companies involved are actually 4.


Hydrofoils to Capri: sailing and travel options


Sailings to Capri are mainly performed during daytime by hydrofoils. In the summer, many more crossings are scheduled: in fact, there are hydrofoils running all day long, on every route. The sailing may last 20 minutes, up to 1 hour and a half, depending on the route (if the boat stops somewhere) and by the hydrofoil that the company employs.


Hydrofoils are faster and smaller than ferries, and they provide comfortable air seats and air conditioned rooms.


Just very few are the sailings performed by ferries, since vehicles have limited access to the isle of Capri, to avoid traffic congestions on the tiny island.



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