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Ferries to Tunisia: find out the best offer on Ok-Ferry!


Tunisia is the closest African country to Italy. Also known for being the land of the sun and traditions, this destination offers a wide range of activities: relax on white shores or in the crystal clear water of the sea, diving, hiking in the desert, having a rest in oasis, experience the history of the country, taste the typical dishes, admire the local craft in the colourful market by the streets.


It is possible to reach Tunisia by ferry thanks to the sailings provided by the 4 Ferry Companies, which link the harbour of Tunisi not only to Palermo, but also to the Italian western coast: Genoa, Civitavecchia and Salerno. From Tunisi sail also ferries headed to France.


Ferries to Tunisia: sailing and travel options


Ferries leave to Tunisia in the afternoon or in the evening. The sailing time may change, depending on the route: it is possible to reach Tunisi by ferry in just 10 hours and a half, but the crossing may last even 24 hours. Anyway, the time on board is always enjoyable, thanks to the entertainment facilities provided by the ferry companies.


All the ferries to Tunisia carry passengers and vehicles. The ideal accommodation is certainly the cabin: ferries provide two or four berths cabin, but, depending on how many passengers are included in the reservation, it is possible to book a cabin for just one or three passengers (which is to say private use, even if the number of berths exceeds the number of occupants). Also air seats, which is undoubtedly a cheaper accommodation, provide a pleasant resting time during the sailing. Whichever of the above-mentioned travel options include free access to the public areas of the ferry, on the inside as well as on the weather deck, and also to the food services.



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