Mediterranean ferry's booking center


  • All customers are required to reach the port with all the valid travel documents for boarding: whether you have not received or you have lost your tickets you have to request them by phone call or by email to

  • As soon as you receive your tickets, please check immediately that all details are correct. Any inaccuracy must be immediately notified because in case of delay our responsibility and every opportunity for correction (whether the ferry company admits it) will decay.

  • On Elba Ferries, Blunavy, Toremar and Moby Lines Elba tickets stays only the name of the ticket holder. These companies do not require the complete boarding list, so then the names of the other passengers will be omitted. On the ticket will be shown only the captions “adults”, “children” or “infant” according to the age category of the company involved.

  • On the voucher Medmar Ischia stays only the name of the ticket holder, it is not required the complete passengers’ list. On the voucher will be shown only the captions: adult, child or infant depending on the age of the passengers. Furthermore, whether you are traveling with a vehicle, on this voucher, your vehicle will be connected to a passenger under the entry “pax con auto a seguito”.

  • If you own a car powered by natural gas or LPG you must arrive to the port boarding with closed tank using the alternative fuel and, in addition, you are required to notify the crew when boarding.

  • Generally, the modification / cancellation of any ticket purchased with special promotion is subject to limitations. Our offices are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00, Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00. Outside these times you can also contact directly the ferry companies. During public holidays, non-working days and all days before a holiday it is not possible to make any change and cancellation of Caronte & Tourist tickets (as per the company terms).

  • For disembarkation of vehicles on the islands, the customer is required to know the traffic restrictions. In addition, passengers will be required to learn about payment of landing taxes.

  • During summer (dates vary from year to year), usually from May to September, on the island of Ischia is established the prohibition of landing of vehicles registered to residents in Campania or rental cars of hire companies with legal head office in Campania . Those who get to boarding with vehicles registered to residents in Campania lose the right to embark and they will be required to buy tickets for passengers only.

  • All the tickets with residents reduction will be checked at the port and, in the absence of the documents proving these requirements, the boarding will not be guaranteed, the ticket will be considered as not valid and non-refundable. Passengers must purchase a new ticket.

  • All customers are kindly requested to organize the departure in order to be at the port on time to abide by boarding times reported on the general conditions of the ferry companies. Being late for the embarkation procedure (that is to say, the scheduled time of departure and check-in) implies the loss of the right to embark. Only the discretion of the ferry company staff could allow passengers to switch the reservation to any later departure, even if the tickets are no longer valid.