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Ferries to Giglio: the best offers of the companies on Ok-Ferry!

Giglio is one of the most beautiful islands in the Tuscan Archipelago. Its shores are very different from each other, and the outstanding creeks sink into crystal clear water. The isle is the perfect destination for the lovers of diving and water sports.

Ferries to Giglio leave from Porto Santo Stefano, on the northern coast of the Argentario, and the Ferry Company which manages the sailings all year long, schedules several daily departures, so that passengers may choose the time that suits best their travel plans.

Ferries to Giglio: sailing and travel options

Due to the small size of the harbour, the ferries employed by the companies to the isle of Giglio are less than those which sail on the other routes in the Tuscan Archipelago. The sailings are always performed at daytime, the time on board is pleasant, partly because it lasts just 1 hour.

Ferries to Giglio, despite their smaller size, can carry passengers and vehicles, and provide the same comforts as the other ferries, just like snack-bar, solarium, salon, free wi-fi. The unique accommodation that one may reserve is deck accommodation: it grants free access to the public areas on board. On the weather deck, benches are at everyone's disposal, to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the coast.



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