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Ferries to Tremiti Islands: the best offers on Ok-Ferry!

The Tremiti Islands are located in the Adriatic Sea, north to the Galgano promontory. These beautiful islands are the perfect destination for the seaside lovers, to have a swim in the blue sea. It is possible to have boat trips to discover the beautiful creeks and the underwater caves, whose names recall the myths of popular belief.

Hydrofoils and ferries to the Tremiti Islands are the unique transport facilities that let people reach the isles of S. Domino and S. Nicola. The busiest harbour is Termoli, from which the most of the ferries leaves, and also the one from which a wider timetable of the sailings is available. Vasto, and the other ports on the northern Pugliese coast, are only active during summer. The ferry service is actually managed by 3 Ferry Companies.

Hydrofoils to Tremiti Islands: sailing time and on board services

The sailings to the Tremiti Islands are performed during daytime, both by ferries and hydrofoils. The sailings are pleasant, partly because of their short duration, which can vary depending upon the route and the type of boat employed, which may be a fast ferry or a hydrofoil. The ferry companies schedule frequent and regular sailings, giving the chance to tourists to visit the isles even for a one day trip.

Passengers can book deck accommodation, which provides free access to the public areas of the ferry, and also the possibility to benefit of the on board services. The landing of vehicles is not allowed; anyway, it is not really necessary to have a car to visit these islands, given their very small dimension.



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