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Ustica, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, just off the Sicilian coast, is the top of a big underwater volcano, whose streams of lava give it the typical dark colour. Its small dimensions (around 8,65 squared kilometres) narrows down the flow of tourism. The marine reserve in Ustica has been the first protected marine area established in Italy: it is a unique place, whose seabed is crowded by marine life and rare types of fishes, resembling more an underwater museum.

The little yet welcoming isle is easy to reach from the harbour of Palermo, thanks to its geographical position. 2 Ferry Companies daily perform the sailings both by ferry and by hydrofoil. During summer, Ustica is also connected to Naples, on the Campanian coast, the beautiful isle of Favignana, and also to Trapani, the westernmost city of Sicily.

Ferries to Ustica: sailing and travel options

Hydrofoils to Ustica, despite they cannot carry vehicles, are far the most requested means of transport by those travellers who want to reach the isle in the fastest and simplest way. The sailings are planned at daytime, and they last around 1 hour and 25 minutes. The time on board doubles when travelling by ferry.

Both in case of travelling by ferry or by hydrofoil, passengers can enjoy the time on board in the public areas of the vessel, just like the air seat salon, provided of air conditioning, the cafeteria, and, travelling on ferries, the weather deck.




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