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Ferry Trapani Favignana

Low-cost crossing with departures from/to Trapani-Favignana.

Trapani is the ancient Drepanum, a Sican village whose name means “sickle”, the shape of the narrow peninsula that juts out into the sea. Modern-looking, Trapani offers visitors an interesting old centre and beautiful beams in the province, locations of wineries or farmhouses; some of these beams also host demo-anthropological museums in a landscape of animated sea from the archipelago of Egadi. Known for the traditional tuna slaughter (tuna fishing), the waters of Trapani enjoy the passage of migratory schools of tuna in May,

The seabed of the beautiful island of Favignana, the largest butterfly with open wings on the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Along with the smaller Marettimo and Levanzo and many smaller islets like Maraone and Formica, Favignana is part of the Egadi Islands and is located right in front of Islands of the Lagoon and the airport of Trapani Birgi. It can be reached in about an hour by ship.


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