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The mystical, exciting and colourful hinterland of Tunisia and Morocco, the shouting voices at the commonal bazar, the more domestic thus wildish and astonishing beauty of Sardinia, Corsica and the Southern French Coast are all available to you, your partner and/or your family in one single click!

Choose Corsica Linea company for your routes in the Mediterrean sea and a lovely travel experience to and from the top-destinations aforementioned!

Security is of course a fundamental trait of the ships inside Corsica Linea fleet for assuring a safe trip: this is the keyword of a successful trip experience which buitl the company’s solid reputation: Corsica Linea is well-known for its security standard and highly trained staff to offer the guests an amazing trip, worthy surely to remember.

On Ok Ferry web site you can book ferries of Corsica Linea company, the routes covered by this operator are also those to and from Tunisia, Corsica and France.

On Ok Ferry web site you can book also ferries of Corsica Linea company whcih routes covers destinations and ports to and from Sardinia and Morocco.

Le destinazioni Corsica Linea

With Corsica Linea you can book ferries from / to the following destinations:



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