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Corsica Ferries

In love with the natural coastline of Corsica? This before Italian and now French old island in the middle of the Thyrrean Sea was protagonist of many hystorical fact and gave the birth also to Napoleaon! 

Nowadays Corsica’s fantastic sandy beaches and intricate mountains’ hinteland are the main protagonist of a costant and regular touristical flow back and forth Italy and France.

The reason of its everlasting success lies into the care the local population put into preservering their own habitat: Corsica can be considered a large natural reserve for the quality of the preservation and the lenght of the enviromental attention.

Scuba divers, families and couple can’t be more welcome here: lots of cheap hotels and camping site really close the beach are waiting for you, as well as local restaurants full of fresh products to taste!

Corsica Ferries is one of the most well-known and important companies that offers shipping services to Corsica and Sardinia. On Ok Ferry web site you can book ferries, vessels and hydrofoils of the Corsica Ferries company to these two destinations. 

The company is characterized by the famous yellow ferries, transporting passengers from France and mainland Italy to Corsica and Sardinia. Corsica Ferries works on very important routes which Civitavecchia-Golfo Aranci, Leghorn-Golfo Aranci and Civitavecchia-Cagliari. In 2008 the company has come to cover as many as 16 lines.

Ok Ferry makes the booking of tickets for Corsica Ferries fast and easy as the trip you are going to experience!


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