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Ferry Naples Beverello Forio d'Ischia
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Naples is a wonderful city and is pretty different from the typical Italian city. The Monastery of Santa Chiara and her wonderful cloister, the Chapel of San Severo, which is an amazing place, full of mystery and masterpieces of sculpture, The Christ veiled and mysterious anatomical machines reveals the sacred heart of Naples.
Visiting the Archaeological Museum and especially the Farnese collection is an experience for the huge sculptures in it.

Forio D’Ischia is the only town on the island of  Ischia which has preserved its old town with narrow streets, churches, towers and monuments unchanged. The church of Soccorso (the one on the Italian stamps) and the Tower are some of the highlights here. If Ischia is the commercial centre of the island, Forio is the cultural one. In the ‘50s it was an international arrival for many artists (Guttuso, Visconti, Pasolini, Sir William Walton) and writers (Auden, Neruda, Morante ).

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