Ferries Genoa Tangiers

Ferries Genoa Tangiers

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Genoa-Tangiers Med

To reach Genoa from Tangiers and vice versa is very easy and fast booking online on OK-Ferry for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to Genoa-Tangiers.

Those arriving in Genoa by ferry are greeted by Lantern, the symbol of the city that for centuries stands to the west to guide the boats towards the harbour. Genoa is a city to discover, rich in art, culture, entertainment and tradition.

The area of the old port is a short walk for those arriving from Piazza Principe Station. The ancient port was for centuries the commercial heart of Genoa. A redevelopment project led in 1992 to the inauguration of the multipurpose space that we know today, with the structures designed by architect Renzo Piano.
From the kasbah of Tangiers, which is perched on top of the Medina, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape: you can see the Strait of Gibraltar. Within the area do not miss the Sultan's Palace Dar El Makhzen, where are collected all expressions of Moroccan art and the beautiful gardens of the sultan in the Moroccan-Andalusian style.

The Grand Socco is another place to visit, too: a permanent market that occupies the area right next to the entrance of the Medina, real soul of the locals. At the centre of the Ville Nouvelle is this beautiful square, which, as is clear from the name, is built in the French style: many clubs and bars surrounding the square itself.

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