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Ferry Porto Empedocle Linosa

Porto Empedocle is the birthplace of famous Sicilian writers such as Luigi Pirandello and Andrea Camilleri. The original name of the village was Marina di Girgenti: since the 15th century was the seat of arrival for all the agricultural produce in the area of ​​Agrigento. The construction of the first pier was started in 1749 and was defined in 1763. In 1853 the village was granted autonomy thus becoming the capital and to whom it was given a new name: "Pier Girgenti", to emphasize the prosperous fishing industry.

Linosa is a  beautiful island, full of black lava rock, silhouetted profiles of its three mountains against the bright blue sky. It is an island of different origins, and it really shows its volcanoes, now extinct. The only town, with its nice buildings in pastel colors Doors and windows are all gathered around the small harbor. From here you can go hiking to the conquest of the "peaks", or having fun with a trip by boat. This quiet island features few inhabitants, a time dedicated to the breeding of cattle, now living from tourism. 

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