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The port of Bari  is very cosy and full of different highlights: from there you can surely embark to many destinations on Different route, like Albania, Croatia and Greece.
Before choosing a low cost crossing, we advise  a trip to old Bari. How not to stop and observe one of the first sunrise in Italy right from its waterfront? Bari is a southern seaport in an ancient transit region like Puglia. It represents one of the most important cities of South Italy, by virtue of his being a bridge between Central Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Many different cultures that coexist: know that Bari is a destination of reference for the Orthodox? As well in Bari  pilmigre can find the relics of St. Nicholas, the saint to whom is dedicated the stunning basilica.

By Ok-ferry you can book with ships and ferries to / from Bari . Select the route you want and you will be brought on the page from which you make your reservation.

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