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Book you low cost trip by ferry to reach Calvi, a beautiful resort of Corsica.

Seen from the ferry, Calvi is a beautiful location: its three huge bastions surrounded by a crown of ochre buildings against the mountains. Located 20 kilometres west along the coast from L’Île Rousse, the town was a fishing port below the citadelle, and it was just a cluster of houses until the Pisans arrived and ruled the islandsince the tenth century.
But it was the arrival of the Genoese to change the town: it become a stronghold. In 1268, Giovaninello de Loreto, a Corsican nobleman, built a big citadelle on the cliff overlooking the port and Calvi was truly born. Nelson attacked brutally for two months the town in 1794.
The old town is a true spectacle and Calvi is one of the finest port in the Mediterranean Sea, and it is worthy at least a day-trip.

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