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Catania shows Arabic and European heritage in a perfect melting: the gastronomy, the buildings, the monuments speak many “languages”.

The main square, Piazza Duomo, is gorgeous as well as the Cathedral, dedicated to St. Agata, the city’s patron saint. Bellini is buried in the crypt, as well as the ashes of three Aragonese kings (Frederick II, Louis and Frederick III). A baroque flamboyant style incorporates Roman columns taken from the amphitheatre. Underneath the church, there are some Roman baths, too.
Closeby the Diocesan Museum and the Municipio built in 1741. The city’s symbol is a lava elephant fountain carrying an obelisk and a mysterious inscription, MSSHDEPL.
Going south, the 17th Century arch of Porta Uzeda will pave your way to the port.

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