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L'Ile Rousse

A fab location in Corsica, L’Ile-Rousse is very easy to be reachead  from France by ferry.

L'Ile Rousse is in the Haute-Corse on the island of Corsica. The town is an old commercial hub and is a very requested beach destination thanks to its fine sandy beach located in centre town, not to mention its restaurants, its bars and its pubs. It was founded in 1758 by Pasquale Paoli to create a port that would not be under the influence of Genoa like Calvi was at the time. Italian was until 1848 the administrative language of Corsica, and the town was originally named Isola Rossa (Red Island) from the ochre colour of a rocky islet that served as a natural harbour.
Along with Saint-Florent, it is one of only two communes in the département to have a French name.

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