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Exploring Sicily and Messina for a trip with an amazing twist.

Messina is called “the door of Sicily” being close to Italy: the port of the ancient trading city has the shape of a sickle.

Today the city is developing along the coast and it is utterly modern, due to the violent earthquakes over the centuries and the heavy bombing during the World War II.
The Regional Museum of Messina hosts two works of Caravaggio, the "Shepherds'' adoration of the Christ Child", and the "Resurrection of Lazarus".

Messina is famous for helding  a traditional festival, the Ride of the Giants, on the 13th and 14th of every August: two enormous statues, one black called Grifone and one white called Mata are paraded through the city on horseback in celebration of the mythical founder of the city. The following day a large chariot with Papier Mache figures are driven around by more than a 1000 citizens.

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