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The main square of Trieste is the heart of the city: the square of the unification of Italy, historically called Piazza Grande, is a rectangular room of vast dimensions, enclosed on three sides by magnificent palaces while the fourth overlooks the sea, whose current appearance dates back to the nineteenth century.

On the bottom of the square stands the Town Hall, built in 1877 by Giuseppe Bruni: it is marked by a series of arches and a tower with clock which strike the hours. Above the statues of two Moors, known in town as the Micheze and Jacheze,.
On the sides of the square there are splendid buildings such as Palazzo Model (project Bruni) Stratti House (which houses one of the historic cafes of the city, the Café of Mirrors), the Government Palace now houses the Prefecture, the palace of Lloyd (now the seat of the Presidency of the Regional Council.

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