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A fab location in Albania is Valona, very easy to reach from Italy and the other location around .

Discover Valona (Vlora) a  city of stunning beauty in the multicultural Albania, a truly European holiday paradise.
The region of Vlora includes the District of Vlora, Saranda and Delvia. One of the most impressive regions in Albania, the bright colours and the unique light of this varied coastline will last long in your mind. Following terraces of olive groves, nearby there is the lagoon Narta, a priceless ecosystem which offers visitors beautiful landscapes where the most deserving one to visit is what the Island of Zvernez. It can be reached from the city of Valona, going back to the north through the forest of pine trees along the sea. The island can be reached on foot via a wooden bridge: unforgettable will be the sight of the church of Shen Merise as you approach!

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