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Ferry Genoa Olbia
To reach Sardinia from Liguria is not difficult:  in a click you will book on OK-Ferry a low-cost  trip using the connections with departures from/to Genoa-Olbia. You have a double comfort using the ships of many important and reliable providers listed in Ok Ferry. The crossing will bring you to the most gorgeous spot in the Thyrren  sea and you will book with the safest and cheapest Italian sailing companies which cover the destination Geona - Olbia, meaning  to and from those fab Italian cities.

Genoa is a very important port in Italy which many famous for Its old town, its churches and the greatest Italian Aquarium.

Olbia is as well a coastal town full of great seafood and misterious ancient artefact: the amazing Nuraghian walls and buildings.

On Ok Ferry website is easy the booking process online for you. The most famous shipping companies operates ships and ferries to and from Sardinia / Liguria. Select the route Genoa - Olbia and you will access fully the information about times, prices, fares, offers, routes, ports and availability.  Enjoy your trip.

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