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Ferry Salerno Messina

With OK-Ferry a low-cost route with departures from/to Salerno-Messina is easy to book with the safest Italian sailing companies which are avalaible for yourthe crossing.

The enchanting and ancient Salerno is rich in tradition and part of one of the Italian natural jewel: the Amalfi coast. Famous landmarks in Salerno are Castello di Arechi, a hilltop manor, and a lovely seaside promenade.    
The pleasant Mediterranean climate and some beautiful nearby beaches do the magic.

Messina is located close to the mainland, and the main and most efficient mode of transport between Sicily and Italy remains a system of ferries, as it was traditionally throughout the centuries.

On Ok Ferry website is easy the booking process online for you. The most famous shipping companies operates ships and ferries to and from Campania /Sicily. Select the route and you will access fully the information about times, prices, fares, offers, routes, ports and availability.

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