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Reviews, opinions and comments of ok-ferry customers

Passengers booking with us have the possibility of writing a review about our website and our customer service. In this section we publish the opinions and comments that our customers shared on Ok-ferry.


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Pollice su recensioni 98% of our customers recommend our service to their friends.

Booking was very easy with all the options set out

Booking the ferry tickets online was very easy. An English translation of the instructions was provided every step of the way, which was very reassuring. I would definitely use this service again.


Very quick, clear and easy to use.

I am very pleased with the efficiency of your service. Website easy to understand and well laid out. The information was helpful and my request was dealt with promptly. It might be helpful to have a map on teh site to show where the different terminals are.

Easy system to use once the site is found. No problems in completing the booking.

Very quick and easy to book the ferry.

Very quick, easily navigated and understandable site. Tickets send via email immediately!


It was an excellent service I have no complaints, it was prompt and delivered on time.

I am very pleased with the service provided by OK Ferry. My only negative comment is about requirement for Car Licence Plate number: foreign travelers (like myself) renting car in Italy months before travel do not know what licence plate number will be. This requirement should not be mandatory.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we inform you that in the case of a rental car, during the booking it will be sufficient to insert the wording "rent" instead of the vehicle number plate. The correct Number Plate will be then possible to communicate it, to our reservation center or port ticket office once the car has been picked up. Best regards, Staff Of-Ferry

Perfect! I am very happy. Very professional friendly service. Spoke English very well. Made booking my ferry tickets very easy. Thankyou so much.

Very easy to use and provides all the information needed to quickly book your trip. Excellent customer service.

Everything went smoothly.

Very easy

Your reservation service is impeccable.

very easy to use website and easy to print tickets. highly recommend

Though it took a while to locate the page where the Naples-Sorrento-Naples daily ferry service timings were featured, once I got there it was smooth sailing thereafter. Instant booking and instant tickets at possibly, the best available prices.

Easy to use, very informative, and I don't have to worry about booking my ticket, when I get there.

Obrigada site para compras online é perfeito e de fácil compreensão. Muito rápido e eficiente. Em menos de 2 minutos recebi meu bilhete por email com todas as informações importantes. Recomendo.

Quick, conveniet, clear. It took me few minutes and it was done. Really 5/5. Chris

Reserving the ferry could not have been easier. Definitely will use your service again. Thank you!

excelent and fast service. I recommend! I hope everything continues like this...

Very good!

Your website is easy to use. Unfortunately I made a mistake on the return ferry from Capri back to Sorrento. I am hoping you can accommodate my new request for a change of times. Thank you, Tim Dimengo

I am a woman... Lisa Wilson... who made the reservations for my brother and I. The credit card that I booked this on is in my name. I hope that this does not create a problem for us when we try to use the tickets. It would be helpful to be able to read these tickets. I also don’t see the time printed on them...

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we thank you for the review and we inform you that with your vouchers now, which you can also read on the departure time, you would need to go to the ticket office at the dock in order to get the tickets valid for boarding. Best regards, Ok-ferry staff

Excellent and self explanatory. Highly recommend

easy to use. would be nice if didn't have to go to ticket office for boarding ticket

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, unfortunately several naval companies did not entail the issue of an e- ticket ready for the embarcation, but a voucher that should be converted at the ticket office before the departure. The utility of buying a voucher on line is to make sure the availability of the choosen departure time and do not have a risk to not find a place for that departure once at port. Thank you, Ok-Ferry staff

user friendly :)

This service was very straightforward and easy. Quick response time!

very good so good to print tickets at home

Excellent web site. Easy to book tickets and confirmtion e-mail arrived within a few minutes.


very helpfull lady at the phone, arranging very quickly and very cheap our passage for 4 adults and 4 motorcycles.

It was fast and easy

Very nice and informative

Really user friendly service. Instant confirmation to my nominated email address.

Hello, below is some remarks 1.TRB1800048 document is not in english 2,Not exactly address of ticket office and ferry port marked on map (maybe it's easy to find, I'II see after arriving) 3,Not clear how to take tickets, shall I wait in the line with over buyers or not. In which time before ferry departure I need to be in office to take tickets.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we thank you for your review and we inform you that unfortunately some ferry companies purchase the voucher only in italian Language, it will be our responsability to report it to the ferry company. The port's address is indicated on the booking summary received via email once requested the reservation. We also inform you that, to convert the vouchers to tickets valid for boarding, you need to be at the ticket office at least 30 minutes earlier. Best regards, Ok ferry staff.


Easy to read and make reservations

difficult to figure out about the car reservation, because I don´t know which brand and size of car I will rent

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we inform you that, you have write correct "rent" as numberplate. You have to communicate to the ticket office on the Pier the right number plate. Best regards Staff Ok-Ferry

Getting the tickets was very easy and the website is user easy.

Perfect way of booking ferry. So easy and well organized.

Fast and easy reservation...

Very easy to navigate.

Your homepage is easy and convenient to book a ticket to and from Capri.  good.

Yes, they helped to me book the ferry tickets on behalf of our guest as we are from Travel company. And will surely give our feedback after our guest trip.

Very easy way to book a ticket

Fast response when I feedback that I was received a shortage voucher.

The service was quick and easy but it does not let you know before you buy the tickets that you need to print out the ticket before arrival. As we are travelling that is impossible to do. It would be beneficial if you made this clear before the transaction is completed or accepted email evidence of the tickets.