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Reviews, opinions and comments of ok-ferry customers

Passengers booking with us have the possibility of writing a review about our website and our customer service. In this section we publish the opinions and comments that our customers shared on Ok-ferry.


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Pollice su recensioni 98% of our customers recommend our service to their friends.

Superb service, easy to use on line booking, speedy and clear. Looking forward to Sailing with you.

Very good service , easy to use web site

Quick, easy; available in English; simple to use; good response from the Company as to the booking and confirmation via SMS


Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, as noticed by our operator, we confirm you that you can correct your ticket directly at the ticket office before the departure. Kind regards, Ok-Ferry Staff

Very convenient and easy to use. My only complaint is the booking fee

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer,thank you for your review and evaluation. Our booking charge is applied as compensation for dossier management. Ok-Ferry is a broker between ferry companies and consumers. This extra fee also allows us to guarantee the highest quality service 7 days a week. Kind regards, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

Fast and easy. Great service. Thank you!

Terrific service!

I ordered a round trip ticket and only got one way. Please email me the ticket for 4 from Sorrento to Capri. Thank you.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we inform that you have recived all you documents for the round trip, the Voucher from Sorento to Capri to show it at the Pier's Office before get on board, and the ticket from Capri to Sorrento to show it at the Ferry before get on board. Thank you, Ok-Ferry staff

Very bad service. While booking, something went wrong with the website on my computer, so I booked 3 times the same trip. Directly after I've seen there were 3 payments, I contacted the office. Sadly there was no possible way to cancel 2 of the3 reservations, without paying un unacceptable penalty. While it is obvious something went wrong and I don't want to book the same trip 3 times.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we are sorry about your negative evaluation, we would like to inform you that the penalty amount deducted from your cancellation request is simply due to the reason that you have bought the same ticket online three times. In case that you would have problems on the first request, next to the booking summary, on our website, you could find our telephone numbers to be assisted. Our call center is open every day from 8 am to 8 pm. Best regards, Ok-ferry staff.

Easy , fast ... could have some photos or map of the premisses that you be at ... so you can get used to it .

Excellent service.

very convenient service, and very helpful staff

Easy and fast booking.

Brilliant. , great service. Quick and easy. Thank you

Service was great. Responses were very timely and the booking was easy!

Five stars for sure!

Quick, and perfecto. The service and the ticket receipt was fantastic

Very efficient service

efficient, easy and prompt ticketing-- VERY satisfied!


useful but somewhat expensive service

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we thank you for your feedback. We remind you that our booking fees are applied to support the running costs because Ok-Ferry is an intermediary between the ferry company and the customer. This fee also permits us to have an available staff 7 days out of 7 always ready to respond to every necessity of our customer, at any time. We are available for further questions and information Best regards The staff of Ok-Ferry

Very easy and user friendly. I suggest you add a feature, so that we don't need to print the ticket.we should be able to just use our phone to show the ticket.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we really appreciate your review and we kindly inform you that with the voucher received from us you can go directly to the port and switch it with the boarding pass at the ticket office showing it from your electronic device. For further informations do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards, Ok-Ferry staff.

Perfect service

Excellent Service

not clear if baggage cost more or not and how to purchase for extra luggage

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we kindly inform you that in the ticket you have purchased is already included a hand luggage per person. Any extra luggage can be added to the ticket during the check-in procedure at the port desk. Thank you, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

Very easy to book on line. We look forward to seeing the beautiful Amalfi coast from the ocean!!

Very helpful customer service when online payment problems were experienced Very professional


Excellent. Quick and very efficient service.

Fast and efficient. Great resource for securing ferry travel during Italian high season.

Service charge is a bit high.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer,thank you for your review and evaluation. Our booking charge is applied as compensation for dossier management. Ok-Ferry is a broker between ferry companies and consumers. This extra fee also allows us to guarantee the highest quality service 7 days a week. Kind regards, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

Great service, easy to find the right ferry for your journey. 5 stars

It's a very friendly page

Booking service is good. But it is unbelievable that with reservation code must go for a printed ticket to the desk because cannot scan them in phone .

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, unfortunately, some ferry companies do not issue a valid e-ticket for boarding, but only a voucher which must be converted to the port ticket before departure. This is a direct disposal of the ferry company, independent from our reservation center. Thank you, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

Good service!

There is a problem to get back to payment phase in the booking if you cannot succeed. Bu the staff is quite helpful with online questions.

Valentina was incredibly responsive and helpful!

Very good

Very simple service to use for booking.

excellent web site, easy to navigate, translation is perfect. i hope the journey is safe and quick


The website is very good and booking was easy. I did have a question and they emailed me right away. Just know that they send you a voucher that you need to redeem at the Port Office to receive your tickets at least 30 minutes before the ferry departs.

It is so easy to book our ferry tickets online. No trying to figure it out when we get there.



Found it easy to navigate (excuse pun). However think it would be nice if it could display the type of boat being used (ferry/slow ferry/hydrofoil) as I could only gauge this by the time taken for the crossing.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, thank you for your review. We kindly inform you that when booking online you have the chance to understand if the carrier is a ferry or hydrofoil simply by the icon next to the departure time: if the icon is a car with a red X, it means it's a hydrofoil. For further information please contact us at +39 0565912191. The Staff of Ok-Ferry

Very efficient and friendly website!

The booking service was very easy to use. There are many trips to choose from. In my case it was Sorrento to Capri and back. The payment was simple and confirmation of the booking plus tickets emailed as pdfs immediately. I've printed everything off and now look forward to our day on Capri.

Good pricez and srldction. Eady to us. Confirmation and tickets came by email without a problem.

it need more language this page. How about chinese?

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we kindly inform you that on our website you have the possibility to choose between more languages such as italian, english, german, french or spanish. We thank you for your feedback. Thank you - Staff of Ok Ferry