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Reviews, opinions and comments of ok-ferry customers

Passengers booking with us have the possibility of writing a review about our website and our customer service. In this section we publish the opinions and comments that our customers shared on Ok-ferry.


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This website was very easy to use, and purchasing the tickets was also easy.

I just wish we could receive the tickets online as well so that we didn't need to be at the port so early. I would think 1/2 hour prior would be sufficient. Otherwise everything went very smoothly online.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, unfortunately several naval companies did not entail the issue of an e- ticket ready for the embarcation, but a voucher that should be converted at the ticket office before the departure. The utility of buying a voucher on line is to make sure the availability of the choosen departure time and do not have a risk to not find a place for that departure once at port. thank you, Ok-Ferry staff

Very quick and easy process! Tickets were in my email within 5 minutes of booking.

VERY smooth purchase and notification process. The only problem I had was my own fault. I appreciate getting text and email notified together.

This was a great service and very easy to use. Only one problem. I picked United Kingdom when I meant to pick United States. I have received the email and the tickets so all is good. However the phone number should be +1 (united states), not +44 847-977-6684. Thank you Theresa Berg

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we thank you for the review and we inform you that we have modified the country code of telephone number as your kind request. Best regards, ok-ferry staff

Excellent service. Easy to use. Prompt email delivery of tickets

Réservation facile mais en retour il n'y a qu'un bon d'échange et non le ticket finalisé. Une 5ème étoile si le ticket finalisé permettant de ne pas passer par un guichet serait le bien venu.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Cher Client,malheureusement, certaines compagnies maritimes ne fournissent pas un e-ticket valable pour l'embarquement, mais seulement un voucher à convertir à la billetterie du port avant le départ. Acheter les vouchers en ligne et payer leur frais de prévente signifie s'assurer une place sur le ferry, en évitant le risque de ne pas trouver de la disponibilité, en particulier pendant la haute saison. Bien cordialement, l'Equipe de Ok-Ferry

It was very easy to book ferry tickets on this site. The prices were listed early in the process, but then when it came time to pick the actual departure time, the prices were not listed. But still it was pretty easy to use this site.

Service was excellent, thank you

The booking seemed straightforward so hopefully I've booked our trip successfully.... travelling from Sorrento to Ischia and returning to Naples 3 days later. I received the tickets via email within a few minutes and everything looks to be in order. So, so far so good!! As the trip isn't until June I can't comment further at this stage.

Once you find the right website, it is very simple to find the boat you want to hire or to make reservations on. As is promised I will receive indications how to find the right embarkment place.

Nothing to say : fast and efficient

Easy Booking system... Excellent !!!

Boa noite, olhando o site precisa de horários noturnos e madrugada !!!

Very simple and easy to use. PayPal also made the process feel secure. Tickets arrived in my emails promptly. It would be helpful to know what the luggage allowance is so that I knew if I had to purchase extra luggage accessory

Very good service and clever input form

An excellent service, very easy to book through website and quick.

Super fast booking service Very impressed, very simple to use

Excellent service. Speedy response time from payment to receipt. Website very clean, easy to use, and very clear about times and charges. Keep up the great work! Peter Caputo - Owner - Dreams of Italia Travel

quick & perfect

Excellent service and website very easy to use

The reservation service was very easy to use and received an email promptly with my reservation vouchers.

very easy and quick to book, response was immediate

I appreciated the fact that the company let me know my card didn't go though and worked to get the situation resolved quickly.

Great service. Also promptly dealt with a question that I had about my booking.

Fast and easy to book

Fantastic Customer Service!!!

Very easy to book!

Excellent service. Very easy to view sailing options and book Tickets were delivered almost straight away. Prices extremely competitive compared to other ferry websites. Would definitely recommend.

Very disorganized and did not receive email quickly

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Costumer, we inform you that you did a reservation at 00.08AM and you recived the Tickets on your email at 00.11 AM on 03/20/2018. We suggest that your Feedback is not correct and it is not on the line to our service. Best regards. The Staff Ok-Ferry

Very easy.

Everything is very easy and fast :)

Everything was smooth.

Excellent service. Easy to contact the company on their call centre and amend the booking as i have done my booking for March 30th by mistake but i easily submitted a request to change it to March 27th.

Your online service was excellent - very user friendly - quick and easy. Just wasn't sure if that was the final schedule for the summer or if more sailings will be added. Was looking to book some earlier sailing times on some other dates.

This service is excellent and I am very impressed. Speedy and thorough and professional. Thank you very mind is now at rest at to how I will get to Amalfi.

Thank you for full professionalism and assistance in buying a ticket. Waldek

Easy and quick booking process.

I booked before with OK ferry and I know for sure they have the best service and best prices great job

Booking was very easy with all the options set out

Booking the ferry tickets online was very easy. An English translation of the instructions was provided every step of the way, which was very reassuring. I would definitely use this service again.


Very quick, clear and easy to use.

I am very pleased with the efficiency of your service. Website easy to understand and well laid out. The information was helpful and my request was dealt with promptly. It might be helpful to have a map on teh site to show where the different terminals are.

Easy system to use once the site is found. No problems in completing the booking.

Very quick and easy to book the ferry.

Very quick, easily navigated and understandable site. Tickets send via email immediately!


It was an excellent service I have no complaints, it was prompt and delivered on time.

I am very pleased with the service provided by OK Ferry. My only negative comment is about requirement for Car Licence Plate number: foreign travelers (like myself) renting car in Italy months before travel do not know what licence plate number will be. This requirement should not be mandatory.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we inform you that in the case of a rental car, during the booking it will be sufficient to insert the wording "rent" instead of the vehicle number plate. The correct Number Plate will be then possible to communicate it, to our reservation center or port ticket office once the car has been picked up. Best regards, Staff Of-Ferry